Being a Business Hub rather than a traditional Business School, MSM engages in real life business through its Management Lab. MSM has, as part of its research department established this Management Lab to leverage MSM’s expertise and networks to create opportunities for Regional business acumen and renown. The management lab also offers to link MSM researchers and advisors, including doctoral students in international business, to assist Limburg companies in the areas of management, international business and strategy. In this regard, our approach is based on the individual needs of companies, and we design tailor-made programmes of support where needed.


Special Projects

Special topics that are of interest for MSM as a Business Hub can be initiated under the Management Lab. 

Business Advice & Support

Concrete advice & contribution to the companies’ Business processes.

Educational Program development

Development of specific educational programs. Executive Programs or MBA's

Applied Research

Applied Research is embedded in the daily operations of companies through the Lab.